Love poems for him
17.04.2014 / 13.23 pm
by Free poems love him by Fall X Child
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Look into his eyes,
and tell him how you feel,
assure him that he is the one,
and that your love is real.

hold him in your arms tonight,
don't care about who sees,
tell him that he's beautiful,
and he's all you'll ever need.

take his face in your hands & kiss his lips,
whisper in his ear,
tell him that no one can tear you apart
it's all he needs to hear.

he's your angel, he's your everything,
if he dies you'll die too,
you can't be separated in death,
for his heart lies within you.

he's your soul mate & your lover,
you'll be there through thick & thin,
you'll stay together for blessed eternity,
for you can't live without him.

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